We offer top-class products, such as bearings, white metal ingots, master alloys, low-melting-point alloys, etc.


  • Melting Temperture
  • Usage of fusible alloys

Utilising the moldable characteristics of low melting points, there has been an increasingly wide variety of uses, such as the use as model material for figures, use for machining which traditionally required jigs.

Example of use
  • Thermal Fuse (Protects electrical equipment against over-heating)
  • Thermal Fuse Fire Damper (Self-closing of hinged fire doors in case of rising temperatures during fire)
  • LCD (liquid crystal display), Organic EL Electrode
  • Automatic Fire Extinguishing Sprinklers
  • Floating Glass (architectural and automotive flat glass)
  • Metal Figures, Models, Accessories and Jewelry (piercing jewelry, earrings)
  • Safety plugs for high presser
  • Material preservation during machining
We also produce cadmium and lead-free products which company with RoHS Regulations
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