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Privacy Policy

Yamato Metal Co., Ltd. (we) acknowledge the importance of personal information protection and protect personal information based on the following policy.

Privacy Policy
  1. We comply with the law and other relevant regulations concerning personal information protection applicable to personal information, and use it in accordance with the laws regarding the handling of personal information.
    We also strive to improve personal information handling accordingly.
  2. We define the rules and regulations concerning handling of personal information and familiarise employees with it.
    In addition, we request business partners to handle personal information adequately.
    In time of acquisition of personal information, we inform or specify the reason for use and handle the personal information in accordance with the purpose.
  3. In order to prevent leakage, loss and falsification, we ensure appropriate management by taking necessary measures.
    Regarding the personal information we possess, we receive requests of disclosure, correction and suspension of use from an individual in question and respond to it in due course and in good faith.
About the use of personal information

We will use personal information within a range of purposes stated as we acquire personal information and to the extent that it is necessary for job performance.

Disclosure of personal information to third party

We do not disclose our customers’ personal information to a third party without the customers’ consent except in the following cases;

  1. When we have the customers’ consent
  2. When we disclose / provide statistical data, etc. with which it is impossible to identify individual customers
  3. When disclosure / input is requested in accordance with laws and regulations
  4. When it is necessary for the protection of someone’s life, safety and property, when it is necessary to cooperate and when it is likely to interfere with performance of relevant administrative work by obtaining customers' consent.
  5. When we delegate handling of customers’ personal information in order to accomplish utilization purpose and when it is considered appropriate to respond / follow up services from our associated companies and agencies.
Inquiry about handling of personal information

Should you have any comments, questions and requests regarding our handling of personal information, please use Contact Us form.